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North Shore Chamber of Commerce North Shore Chamber of Commerce

Government & Legislative Affairs

Chamber Mission“The North Shore Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to shaping policy and events so that decisions by business and government results in a better North Shore as place to live and work.” 

Directors of the North Shore Chamber of Commerce should plan to write letters, attend meetings and communicate with elected officials and others to ensure to the voice of business is heard, so that together we can speak for the North Shore with one, powerful and respected voice.

Economic Development

Regional Cooperation

Ensure employer access to a skilled and educated workforce

Improve North Shore and Massachusetts regulatory climate

Advocate market-friendly, consumer-driven health care options

Secure and Improve the North Shore’s energy future

Global Trade Initiatives in the Region

Aging Workforce Demographic

Transportation and Infastructure

Membership Attraction, Growth and Retention

For more information call (978) 774-8565.


Call us at (978) 774-8565 for more information and to join.

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