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Listen, Inform, Report & Influence.

Advocate market-friendly, consumer-driven health care options
- Continue efforts of the NS Chamber Health Care Task Force
- Support State & Federal Efforts to enable employers to provide cost-effective coverage
- Bring leading experts on Health Care as future Speakers

Ensure employer access to an Educated and Skilled Workforce
- Work with North Shore WIB, area colleges and high schools on Internships/Connecting
- Play an active role in talent development for the region’s workforce
- Support Affordable Housing for workforce through Smart Growth Initiatives

New Contacts - Chamber Membership Attraction, Growth and Retention
- Collaborate with growing Vertical Markets to further increase membership
- Board Driven Membership Drive and reach out to vendors and spheres of influence
- Create new programs that reach out to non-traditional membership groups

Secure and Improve the North Shore’s energy future
- Form an Energy Task Force to address regional opportunities and issues
- Champion a long-term energy policy predicated on affordable cost-based rates
- Eliminate burdensome state mandates for renewable energy and energy efficiency
- Create a portfolio focused on generating safe, diverse, reliable, and affordable energy.

Integrate Next Generation of young professionals into workforce

- Work with Board to encourage mentoring and bringing younger members to events
- Recruit Younger Leaders who are Members and Form “Next Generation Task Force”
- Embrace technology and have it up-to-date and accessible around all chamber programs

Introduce new and diverse Programs to attract new Members
- Survey Membership further on diversity, new programs and other areas of interest
- Collaborate with local chambers on projects that lead to regional economic prosperity
- Membership Orientation, connect right employees with right chamber events

Maintain Education to Members on important HR & Employer Issues
- Increased Education on Cyber Security
- Keep abreast of timely election ballot initiatives that will directly impact business
- Survey email list and membership (weekly/monthly) to track local and vertical trends
- Bring in new speakers to address new issues at Employment & HR Forums

Discuss Challenges for Aging Population on North Shore
- Develop relations with new Elder Affairs Secretary Alice Bonner and staff
- Form Aging Pop. Task Force comprised of business, health care & government sectors
- Increase education of fiscal challenges to U.S. Economy by aging population

Advance Regional Transportation Improvements
- Leverage the strengths of the region on community-based goals for Workforce Transit
- Call on state leaders to identify additional revenue for unfunded transportation needs
- Upgrade transit services with modern technologies to improve traffic flows

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