Emerging Leaders welcomes two advisors

Collaboration aims to empower the next generation of professionals

Date: September 25, 2023


Samanda Morales Deane Gyllenhaal Emerging Leaders Advisors

As part of their initiative to drive career growth for young professionals, the Emerging Leaders are pleased and honored to have both Deane Gyllenhaal and Samanda Morales on board as trusted advisors. Deane and Samanda graciously provide invaluable mentorship and guidance to the promising talent in the group. This collaboration aims to empower the next generation of professionals to reach their full potential and navigate the challenges of their careers.

Deane Gyllenhaal, a Master Certified Leadership Coach at Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching, has served over 30 years in investment management and is known for his focus on business development, process improvement, and equity portfolio construction. He has always been passionate about leadership and coaching, and truly brings such expertise and direction to the group. Deane believes that younger employees really need to embrace career and leadership development as soon as possible. There are many attributes that can be helpful in growing your career, but it takes a conscious effort to improve your competitive advantage. When asked to comment on the mission of the Emerging Leaders, he added, “What the North Shore Chamber Emerging Leaders offers is the opportunity to build your foundation through networking and seminars that might not have been offered in a college setting. You get out of the group, what you put into it.”

Samanda Morales, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ahora, Inc., has over 25 years of financial experience and brings a wealth of knowledge in both financial planning and the non-profit financial arena. She has a passion for helping others and giving back not only to her family and friends, but to her community as well. A former recipient of our prestigious Diamond Award and a member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, Samanda is a firm believer that we need to live our lives by being good role models, and she offers exactly that to our Emerging Leaders group. “Young professionals are the future leaders of our organization,” Samanda says. “Fostering their growth and development not only benefits them individually but also profoundly impacts the long-term success and sustainability of our organizations. Their drive, skills, and commitment make them a valuable asset as we move the North Shore region into the future.”

The Chamber is grateful to both Deane and Samanda for their efforts in ensuring the growth and development of the Emerging Leaders group.